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Practicing Grace: Daily Motivation and Inspiration

Practicing Grace: Daily Motivation and Inspiration

In the quiet moments before dawn breaks over the Maine coastline, where the whispers of the Atlantic merge with the rustle of an awakening household, there lies a concept so transformative yet often overlooked—grace. It’s in these early hours, amidst the soft sounds of a family of seven stirring, that the journey of grace begins. A journey not just of divine favor and unconditional love but of daily acts and choices that shape the essence of our lives. Join me as we explore the multifaceted beauty of grace in the realm of motherhood, career, and the sacred spaces in between.

Grace Defined: A Dual Perspective

At the core of my spiritual journey, grace stands as the cornerstone of Christian theology, representing the unmerited favor of God towards us. It’s more than a theological concept; it’s the heartbeat of our existence, offered through the profound love of God and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This grace isn’t merely about salvation; it extends its hands towards the good works we’re inspired to carry out, not as a ticket to earn God’s favor, but as a heartfelt response to the overwhelming grace we’ve been bathed in. In this light, grace is God’s open-handed generosity, a gift we never earned, yet one we can freely embrace and share with others.

From a worldly lens, grace manifests as an attractive quality, a beauty of form that eases the navigation through life’s myriad challenges. It becomes the main character in our private events, offering a fresh perspective on the vast ebookstore of life experiences, helping us navigate through the gravity field of daily hurdles with an inherent good grace and an understanding that fosters empathy and compassion.

Grace at Home: A Family’s Journey

In the tapestry of family life, grace weaves a pattern of patience, understanding, and forgiveness, elements I’ve come to rely on as a mother and a wife. Each day unfolds as a unique blend of challenges and joys, a series of private events that shape our family narrative. Whether it’s guiding my eldest through the teenage labyrinth or soaking in the simple joys with my toddlers, grace is the thread that binds our experiences, the force that shapes who I am and who we are as a family.

Lately, grace has been a recurring theme in my reflections, a concept I’ve felt compelled to explore more deeply, to understand and inspect with a closer lens. It’s easy to be swept away by life’s tumult, to find oneself ensnared in judgment, impatience, or resentment. This realization prompted me to pray and create a tangible reminder of grace—a printable now adorning our fridge.

Family dinners have evolved into a sacred ritual in our bustling household. Amidst the whirlwind of teenage schedules, toddler explorations, and the balancing act of two full-time careers, these dinners serve as our anchor, a time to converge and discuss themes that matter, from gratitude to financial literacy, and now, grace. This week, we delve into the essence of grace, acknowledging our collective need to offer more of it to each other and the world.

Grace in the Workplace: Leading with Kindness

Navigating the pressures of an engineering career demands a distinct shade of grace—one that embodies leadership through empathy, recognition of my team’s efforts, and an understanding of the challenges we face. By fostering an environment where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth rather than failures, I strive to show the good grace that encourages innovation and teamwork. Promoting team building activities, acknowledging good works, and ensuring everyone feels valued are ways I practice grace at work. It’s about creating a space where the love of God and the principle of treating others as we wish to be treated guide our interactions and decisions.

Locking in Grace: A Printable Reminder

To help us keep the concept of grace at the forefront of our minds, I want to share with you the printable that beautifully illustrates the concept of grace that you can share with your family. Perfect for sticking on the fridge, this printable is a daily reminder of the unmerited favor we’ve received and the grace we can extend to others in our lives. To gain easier access to this exclusive content, simply enter your email address through the subscribe form on my blog. This not only unlocks the printable but also ensures you stay updated on our journey of grace, family life, and the integration of faith into our daily routines.


Grace is the essence that makes life more beautiful. It’s a practice, a daily choice to extend kindness, understanding, and forgiveness, whether at home with our family or at work. By embracing grace in all aspects of life, we mirror the love of God, the ultimate source of grace, and become a beacon of light in a world that dearly needs it.

To all the parents juggling careers, to every individual striving to find balance, and to those seeking a deeper understanding of grace, I invite you to join me in this journey. There’s a saying from Tony Robinson, “where focus goes, energy flows.” Put your focus on grace this week – on embodying it, on receiving it, on giving it – and watch your mindset and your circumstances transform!