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10 Emotional Love Letters and Poems for Your Boyfriend or Husband

10 Emotional Love Letters and Poems for Your Boyfriend or Husband

As a woman, expressing our feelings and emotions through words can be a powerful tool in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with our significant other. Whether it’s a love letter, a poem, or a love note scratched on a sticky note and placed on his laptop, the right words can communicate just how much they mean to us. If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, then the care and time you take to express you love and admiration can be especially powerful.

Sometimes finding the right words can be hard, and since I’ve had a lot of practice over the years, I want to share some examples to help inspire you and get you started. Feel free to make these your own and edit as you’d like!

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Romantic Love Letters For Your Soulmate

The Most Important Person in My Life

Dear [partner’s name],

You are the most important person in my life, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you just how much you mean to me. You are my rock, my support, and my reason to smile every day. You are my safe harbor through all of life’s storms. I am so grateful for the love we share and the amazing life we have built together. I love you more and more with each passing day and I am so lucky to call you mine.

Forever yours,

[Your name]

My First Love

Dear [partner’s name],

I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of how much you mean to me. You were my first real love and you have taught me so much about what it means to be loved and adored. Simply being in your proximity makes me feel warm and safe. You make every day brighter just by being in it, and I am so grateful for the love we share. I love you now and forever.

Love always,

[Your name]

Undying Love

Dear [partner’s name],

I wanted to take a moment to express the depth of my love for you. You are my everything and my love for you is undying. I had no idea that life could be so rich and vibrant, that my heart could feel so deeplu, and that my soul could feel so connected to another. No matter what life may bring, I promise to stand by your side and love you through it all. I will fight for our love always. You make every day better just by being in it, and I am so grateful for the love we share.

Forever yours,

[Your name]

The Sound of Your Voice

Dear [partner’s name],

I am sure you know, but I just wanted to remind you of how much you mean to me, because I never want a day to go by where I don’t take the time to tell you how wonderful you are. Your voice is music to my ears, and the sound of it brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. It is the most beautiful sound in the world to me. It reminds me of warmth and safety and snuggles and laughter and everything good and beautiful. I am so grateful for the love we share and for all the amazing memories we have made together.

Love always,

[Your name]

The Last Thing I Think Of

Dear [partner’s name],

You are the last thing I think of before I fall asleep every night, and the first thing I think of when I awake each morning. You are my world and my love for you grows stronger with each passing day. Even dull, routine days are made exciting and worthwhile with you in my life. You fill each day with so much love and adoration, that when I lay down at night to reflect on my day I cannot help but smile, remembering the ways you lifted me up, filled my heart with love, and took such great care of me. I never knew that I could be so adored and so safe with someone. You give me so much just by loving me. Thank you for all the ways you show up for us every single day. You are the most amazing protector, provider, and husband a woman could ask for.

Love always,

[Your name]

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Modern Love Poems for Your Prince Charming

The Good Things in Life

Waking, the world opens,

Calendars, notifications, phone calls, meetings to attend,

But nothing feels as urgent as your touch.

I seek you, in the mornings, in the evenings,

All the small moments in between the doing of things.

Your love centers my life,

A beautiful promise of safety and warmth and hugs and laughter and forgiveness.

There are good things in this small life of mine,

But none so good as your arms, wrapping me close.

None so good as you.

The Happiest Woman in the World

I’ve seen them, the women in love.

Their radiant, plump faces, beacons of joy

Shouting to passersby,

“I am made brand new, I am adored”.

Your love does that to me,

Builds me anew, from the core, to the sinew and bone,

Into a maiden of light,

Gliding across the universe on fire,

Stars trailing my path, desperate to know a love

Like our love.

Love Story

It was unexpected, the way you came into my world,

Crashing into my existence,

Reframing the dated and dusty pictures on my shelves,

Wild and courageous, full of heart and heaven.

Evenings that became early mornings

Talking like teenagers, under covers,

Hearts open, tender and yielding.

There was a first day,

A first kiss,

But all I remember is sunlight, sage, the bristle of your skin,

The weight of my body curved around yours,

And the delicate silence of a love story writing itself full of hope and yearning.

My True Love

My true love, my best friend,

The one on whom I can always depend,

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,

And I promise to love you for all eternity.

You make me a better person every day,

In every single way,

I’m so grateful for the love we share,

And the security that our love will always be there.

The Luckiest Woman in the World

I am the luckiest woman in the world,

To have found a love that’s so beautifully swirled,

With you by my side, I feel complete,

And your beautiful smile is such a treat.

You’re my soul mate, my best friend,

And until the end,

I will love you with all my heart,

And keep you close, even when we’re apart.

The First Thing I Think of

Every morning when I wake up,

The first thing I think of is your beautiful smile,

And every night before I go to bed,

I whisper a prayer for the love we’ve shared.

You’re always on my mind,

A burning desire in my soul.

You found me, amidst the chaos and the grime,

And since that day my whole world has realigned.

You make my life complete,

And I promise to love you, whether happy or sad,

Toss’d together for eternity under our untidy sheets.

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Good Morning Love Letter For Your Beloved

The early morning hours, before the sun has made its mind up about rising, watching you sleep, limbs crossed between tangled sheets, is the most beautiful thing in my day. Your sleepy frame reminds me of the safety I feel when I’m with you, the honor I feel of being claimed as yours and you as mine.

You changed everything when you appeared in my life. You raised the standard of what it meant to be loved, what connection could feel like. You make me laugh, you make my heart soar, you make my spirit reach for new horizons. You make me feel more like myself but also like I can’t wait to meet who I am 5 years from now.

Thank you for being my person. In the tough times, in the dark times, in the good times. In all times. You are the most amazing man. One of the few good ones left in this world. I am so grateful to live this life with you and the opportunity to build our dreams together.

Yours, The Luckiest Girl.

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Short Love Letters

A Sweet Message

My pure love,

You fill my cup in 100 ways, each and every day. You are the only person my soul needs. Lying next to you, nestled in your nook, feeling the way I am anchored to your being, I know that my entire life was a series of events intentionally leading me to you. It’s an infinite kind of love, easy and sweet, delicate but unbreakable. You are my everything, for the rest of my life.

Love always,

Your Girl.

Words of Affirmation and Love

Dear Love,

You know I’m not one to write romantic letters, but you bring out the best in me and make me want to be a better partner. Words of affirmation are your love language, and today I want to express, in your language, how much you mean to me.

Yours forever.

Through Thick and Thin

There is not a single moment I want to spend in this lifetime without you as my lover, my partner in all life’s adventures. You show me what kindness and generosity truly mean by the way you treat others. You show gratitude and love, even when people are undeserving of it. You are patient and gentle. I am honored to be yours, and I will spend every day making sure I do not take you for granted. I will always work to be the partner you deserve, because I know in my heart that you are doing the same.

Every day with you is a great day. Rain or shine. Anger or happiness. Joy or bitterness. Because facing all the ups and downs of the world at your side is where I am meant to be.

Yours always.

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Long Love Letters To Make Him Cry

Dearest Love,

We have come a long way, haven’t we? The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was meeting you, that fateful day so many years ago. It was the first time I ever felt at a loss for words, because the effect you had on me was disarming. Since then, you have proven, over many trials, to be the love of my life. I cannot imagine doing this adventure with anyone else. I truly believe God created you just for me.

From our first date, shy and awkward, our future unknown but palpable in our touch, to our hurried and chaotic breakfast this morning, kids screeching and you leaning in to kiss me sweetly before the day pulled us apart, we have been each other’s best friends and champions. The best part of any given day is your smile, your laughter, your charm that still creates a swelling ache in my chest.

You help me to become the best version of myself, even though that best version is always evolving. Your deep love roots and grounds me to what is sacred. You are the man of my dreams. The one young me imagined as I played pretend with my dolls and barbies. You are my prince charming, my hero. Love songs and sweet love letters will never adequately capture the essence of what we have, but I won’t stop playing music or writing you these letters in my grand attempt to express the inexpressible.

My life, my world, is a better place with you in it, at my side. I will love you and your kind heart and your eyebrow wiggles and your cheesy jokes, until my very last breath, and hopefully beyond, until the end of time.

Love always,

Your Girl.

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Love is in the Details

There are many kinds of love we get the honor of experiencing in this lifetime. One thing I heard continually but didn’t understand until far too recently, was that we cannot give to others what we do not have for ourselves. That includes love.

If you are working on figuring out how to love yourself, I recommend this post I recently wrote that gives you a plethora of affirmations you can use to start building love for yourself. Because even if you have the most amazing and perfect partner in the whole universe, it will be a wasted opportunity if you cannot first love YOURSELF.

I encourage you to take my words, letters, poems above, and use them to fit your own situation with your own partner. Edit them as you will. They are meant to be a source of inspiration for your own writing. And if you do use them, send me a comment and let me know how it was received!

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Love Fiercely.